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Graphic Designer vs Animator

      Graphic Designer vs Animator 


Graphic Designing and animation are technical fields where you can stimulate


and exercise your creative faculties while working on a computer. Graphic designers 


create advertising designs for clients. Animators create designs and animations that 


entertain their audiences. Graphic designers and animators have good job prospects 


and good wages. The median salary for a graphic designer is $52,110 with 3% job 


growth. The median salary for an animator is $75,270 with 4% job growth. Let’s go 


over these careers separately. 

Graphic Designers: 


Graphic designers meet with clients to create logos that can be found in


magazines, brochures, or websites. They try to influence others to buy or support a 


product/service. They have to create the layout that represents their client’s project in 


an honest way. They need to market their client’s brand and make sure that their 


designs express their client’s vision. A graphic designer’s creativity must be turned on 


when they are on the job. Their designs have to be eye-catching, and it must attract 


the attention of people who are thinking about purchasing goods/services. Obviously, 


graphic designers need to have high level computer skills to convey the messages 


that their clients want to convey. Graphic designers typically work in a studio or an 


office. Graphic designers also need good people skills because they will most likely 


have to work with other designers on projects set forth by clients. 

A brief summary of skills a graphic designer needs to have: 


  • Interpretation of client ideas into art form
  • Presentation skills
  • Collaborative/ social skills
  • Error detection ( finding errors in designs before they are released



The job of an animator is the dream of millions of artists around the globe.


Animators make animations that are used in movies, video games, and other media 


while keeping the client’s vision in mind. Animators create storyboards in order to 


organize their thoughts and visualize the final product. They make illustrations and 


then create animations using their computer skills. Animation is a very artistic 


profession and animators need to be very imaginative and creative in order to bring 


their illustrations to life. They also must find a middle ground in their work. They need 


to be imaginative and creative, but they can’t stray off the vision that their clients 


gave them. 

Skills an animator needs to have: 


  • Ability to create animations
  • Time management (deadlines need to be met)
  • Editing skills(following a client’s directions) 
  • Collaborative skills
  • Originality
  • Ability to tell stories and create colorful scenes and memorable characters

Graphic design and animation are great jobs to have if you want to use the


creative side of your head more than the analytical part. These fields can have a 


lasting impact on their audience. We see certain logos everywhere like the apple 


logo, the Nike logo, and the coca-cola logo. These brands are part of the American 


consciousness, and graphic designers were part of that. Animations from Disney, 


Toei animation, Pixar, and others dazzle and excite us with their brilliant displays of 


imaginative firepower.