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Hiring Marketing Interns

Interns are an incredible asset that every smart company should use to their advantage. Interns prove to be hardworking, eager to learn new skills, and aid the company as well. With a successful internship program, the intern will acquire worthy real-world experience, while your company gets to derive the benefits of a completed project, get a new set of eyes to get a better perception, and assess how to run an even better internship program for the next group of recruits.

This has the power to help your firm enlist more interns in the future who learn that yours is not only an amazing opportunity but also one that treats interns well.


Why do students take up marketing internships?


Students become interns to attain industry knowledge, skills, learn how to work in the corporate or industry world, and gain as many connections as one can. Marketing internships tend to be fruitful for the students/interns who in turn learn a lot about the universe they are gonna end up in.

Marketing internships can be demanding. To be successful and make an impact, interns should possess certain characteristics. Marketing internships become a great way for students to get an understanding of the exciting career chances out there in the field of marketing. However, interning at different firms can definitely lead to different responsibilities, depending on each company's approach.



Hiring Marketing Interns


What should you keep in mind while hiring a marketing intern?


Depending on the organization an internship is working with, the duties and responsibilities can vary a lot and quite a bit. If you are reviewing the resume and interviewing candidates, here are 6 definite qualities you should look for in a future marketing intern. Ask these questions and watch out for these red flags so you can find that future marketing intern who will make your department more successful.


Before hiring interns or new staff:-

  1. Ask for a few writing samples to help you evaluate their abilities. For example, an intern might preserve his or her professional blog.
  2. A great candidate for a marketing job is someone who can respond to problems in real-time, quickly and efficiently, and then also write clearly and persuasively in any situation. 
  3. Don't forget to request a portfolio of their best work before a job offer is made. 
  4. In-person interviews are crucial to evaluate how candidates will operate under pressure.


When it comes to the hiring of your next marketing intern, you must be very selective to ensure success. Ensure that your intern can have a positive impact on the company, as well as high growth potential. Both you and the intern will benefit from the development of solid career skills.

When it comes to hiring interns for your organization, take time to consider who you want in this position. We at HireCream want to ensure you get the best intern possible for your organization and we are always here to aid you.