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How Many Interns Does Amazon Hire

Learn How Many Interns Does Amazon Hire Every Year

Amazon has created one of the biggest employment opportunities across the world. The company has been running for only 27 years. It was founded on 5th July 1994. In such a short span, the company has hired 798,000 people globally. Now the question prevails how many interns does amazon hire every year. The company operates in some developed countries like the UK, Germany. Some developing countries like India, Brazil are not out of their domain. The record says that Amazon doesn't abide by every year for hiring interns. But, they usually opt for more than 5,000 every year. 2020 was indeed an unusual year in the history of the last 100 years. Besides several drawbacks, the year produced a unique advantage too. The opportunity for remote working has grown remarkably. Amazon has picked up this opportunity and recruited over 8,000 interns in 2020. Now, let us delve deeper into Amazon's working process with the interns.

Amazon’s Operations With The Interns

To have a clearer idea of how many interns Amazon hires, we need to know the grounds interns operate in Amazon.

Responsibilities of Amazon’s Interns

Interns in Amazon usually shoulder the project's responsibility. They are introduced to vast opportunities for professional and personal growth. Social media campaigns and workshops are major among all other grounds. Here, interns get familiar with a more significant scenario of global business. They shake hands with immense platforms of online marketing.

Payscale Of An Amazon's Intern

If you’re searching for “how many interns does amazon hire," you must know the pay scale. The record says that an amazon intern makes $78,951 annually. Now, it entirely depends on the company's revenue. Amazon is opening several wings like Amazon Go, Amazon Eats. The income is increasing undoubtedly. So, the chances of making more incentives are growing as well.

Chances Of Getting A Permanent Job Role

An obvious question hovers inside the minds of young interns in Amazon. That is whether they are getting a permanent job role after the internship. This often-asked question has no specific answer. The answer varies from country to country. 50-60% of the people opinionated that there are high chances of getting hired by Amazon. According to them, amazon hires interns immediately after the internship ends. Some of the interns say that they never got a job offer from Amazon after the training.

Types of equipment And Opportunities Given To The Interns

Right now, Amazon is the top-rated E-commerce platform in the US. They earned 280.5 billion net sales in 2019. It is quite evident that a company of such magnitude will provide the necessary equipment. They give a windows laptop to almost every intern. Know the perks of the internship before you search for “how many interns does amazon hire.”

Future Job Opportunities For The Interns Outside Amazon

Amazon doesn't promise permanent job opportunities to its interns. So, the interns have to apply to other companies after the internship. The perks and benefits of the internship are long-term. Through vigorous teamwork and energetic ambiance, the interns learn to understand the pulse of the global market. Companies like Flipkart, Walmart give ample openings for Amazon interns.

The Difference Between The Internship In Amazon And Other MNCs

When you search for “how many interns does amazon hire," you should search for other options too. The striking difference will open your eyes to why an internship in Amazon is different from other MNCs.

Payscale: Amazon has been recorded as one of the highest paying companies. Interns in Amazon make a handsome figure every month.

Flexible timing: Students from reading universities opt for internships in Amazon. One of several perks is flexible timing. The company adjusts with its interns.

Artistic freedom: Social media campaigns’ interns get artistic freedom. The more they can express their ideas, the more innovative the initiatives become.