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How many interns does Facebook Hire?

According to reports Facebook has the highest-rated internship programs in the United States. More than 1k interns participate in Facebook’s summer internship which is spread over about 64 offices all around the globe. At the end of the program all of the interns and their assigned mentors are given a survey. Being renowned for its world class facilities the social media giant gives opportunity to work with cutting edge tech and under the most innovative minds.

The Interview Process:

There are 2 to 3interviews that you need to ace to get in as an intern:

  • The first one is an on campus or over the phone interview.
  • The final interview is an on campus interview which is mostly scheduled within a week after you clear your first one.

It is a process of about 5 days to two weeks after which you will receive your final offer letter. After receiving the offer letter you will be paired with teams like messenger based on your skills to work with for the rest of the summer.

Location :

Your internship location will vary mostly between San Francisco, Seattle and New York.


Facebook provides a well organised internship which is mainly divided into 5 sections:

    • Orientation and Task: As the name suggests it includes introduction to the company and your fellow other interns. Knowing the campus its culture and about 1.5 days of boot camp
    • Projects: A project-Plan will be made for you by your mentor and these projects will be used for further reference by the team. Few interns get a single large project to work on the whole summer but mostly there will be 3-4 small projects.
    • Midterm Review: Here you would have to write more of a review for yourself, your team manager and teammates. If you are lucky enough you might even get an offer letter.


  • Calibration: After the midterm review this is your final step before ending your internship.




Facebook is one of the leading companies to Provide their interns with a heavy amount of money.It pays double compared to other internships and so you can sense the amount of hard work you need to do to get this opportunity

Conclusion: Facebook internships are  really a golden chance to start your career with but it's not a piece of cake. It will undoubtedly be a world class experience working with the largest networking platform.