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How many internships should I do?

It can sometimes be hard to stand out from your colleagues as you gear up to enter the workforce, whether you're fresh out of college or still trying to find your feet. Even though universities provide a world of possibilities and extracurricular activities, an internship is a foolproof way to stand out in the employment market. 


You need to understand that if a school allows two, firms are aware of this, so doing the bare minimum indicates that you are not the extraordinary student they will consider and notice initially. Don't expect to get work just even if you have a degree, no one here is dishing them out. You must obtain your degree and persuade anyone to take that chance on you.


An internship, whether it lasts for a season or a semester, illustrates effort, organizational skills, and thoughtfulness in the workplace. Then maybe you should try to get as many as possible, correct?


That’s wrong. 


Internships are certainly beneficial. However, I've discovered that there's a happy medium for the number of people you should have: no more than three. What is the reason for this? When I went in for my first internship at a publishing house, the managing director told me that he prefers people who have only done one internship before, though she would make an exception for two.


Recommendations :


  • Ensure that at least one of your internships has little to do with your college education and instead relates to your passion. Do you enjoy giving animals a home and assisting the poor? Is there such a thing as Habitat for Humanity? Dog-related non-profits?


  • Focus on building your network for each internship by connecting with everyone else on LinkedIn, especially administrative supervisors.


  • Interning at a software firm, an online publication, or as part of a senator's campaign for office makes you appear as if you don't have a single idea where your career is going. It's not the best way to look for a full-time job—employers prefer resumes that explain things, so make sure yours must have something resembling a plot point.

How many internships should I do?

  • Getting a slew of internships in just the same domain, always with the same job role, could make you appear overqualified for a fresh position in that field. While internships are meant to prepare you for jobs, over-preparing can hurt your job search. 


  • More internships, if you're up for it, will only give you confidence and make you stand out from the crowd.


  • It's possible that you also have two outstanding internships under your belt, which will be just enough to land you any job you desire. But it's also possible that one of them was for a company you've never heard of, and/or that one of them had a poor manager or anybody who favored completing a mundane, repetitive task over doing a good job for the intern.

Conclusion :


In the end, it’s a toss between having done more internships or only one/two. The risks are definitely real,  you do want to work at a great organization and you do want as many advantages as you can have.


You certainly have a lot of smarts if you have a good amount of internships. And if you've got hustle, I'm confident you'll be able to keep it up. I'm just here to remind you that quality should always take precedence over quantity when it comes to preparing for your first after-college job.


It's really your decision either that means esteemed internships, ones with an elevated recruiting rate, or ones that provide you with unrivaled encounters that you can apply to a full-time position. However, it is preferable to make much use of your apprenticeships rather than competing for the most internships.