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How Social Media affects us

It is seen as a positive move as the world will get connected, you can stay in touch with

the world and so will the world be with you, you can share your success and

sorrows with the world. Somewhere it is good, that in such times of covid when

you are alone and isolated but still in a way connected with your friends, your

near and dear ones. You can see their faces and meet them through video

calls when you are not allowed to step out of your homes. This is a very positive

and good side of social media which brings people who are far away, in different

cities and countries close to us, into our living rooms. It brings a man who is

a border close to his wife, kids, and parents. The man who lives there alone

can see the faces of his kids once a day. Social media is really a perfect

thing? Isn’t it? It has made our lives so easy, comfortable. With just a click

we can show the world anything and see everything. It has given a new way for

small businesses to promote themselves, to market themselves. It has opened up

so many job opportunities, so many options to get employed and earn money. And yes,

no one can deny that social media has proved to be a blessing in the covid 19 lockdowns,

even my parents celebrated their anniversary with their friends on the Zoom meeting

App and to my surprise and shock, they were so happy and felt that they did not

celebrate their special day alone. They that day realized what power such apps

have and what they can do.


But is Social media all this only? Is it all that rosy? Does it just have

a healthy and positive impact on our lives? The answer is a big NO. The glamorous

and perfect life of Instagram might be eye catchy but do you realize how much

negatively it impacts one’s life?  How people are attracted towards it and just aim to have it and live this shallow life irrespective of anything. This creates a feeling of depression, anxiety, complex in a person when he cannot get that “Instagram” life. A kid or a high

school student gets suicidal thoughts when he/she sees that their classmates

are looking better on Instagram or Snapchat stories and have many followers as compared

to them. That innocent kid does not know that life is so much more than these

stories, posts, and followers, and that kid in order to gel up with other kids,

to show that he is “cool”, maybe start talking to strangers which are very

risky, and start doing things which can be harmful to his image and eventually

his life. Seeing from the other side, if a kid meets some stranger online who

is friendly towards him and the kid starts confiding in that person, then he

starts trusting him and not his parents and actual friends. This leads to a lack

of interaction and eventually, family ties lose and there is no family bonding,

hence proving it bad and harmful for the kids and unfair for the parents and the

family. There is so much duplicity and fraud online that it is always a risk

uploading a personal picture or a status as there is always a fear that

somewhere you are being tracked. Social media here proves to have a negative

and torturous impact on one’s life. Even during Covid 19 lockdown, with almost

every second, new news of cases coming up, it ended up having a negative impact

on the mental health of the people making them sad, depress, demotivated, and lost in these negative times.

Social media, on one hand, proves to be a strong supporter of mental health and

is putting in so many efforts for keeping mental health stable for its

users, but on the other hand, it has become the reason for many issues and

problems of mental health.


So, what is the conclusion? Should we completely stop using it? The answer to

that is definitely NO, the solution to this is just to have a balance, to use

it only till when it is proving itself to be beneficial and to be not affected

by it, because the perfect online life is way different from the imperfect yet

original life!