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How to decline a job interview

How to decline a job interview 


Before proceeding to decline, you first make a clear cut view on why you want to decline this job interview, what are the main reasons for that, if you join, what will be the circumstances after that, will you not be able to work in the prior conditions, etc. There can be times when you applied for an interview for any job in the company but then you don't find it good for you. The basic tip for declining that interview is- you should be very polite and calm and you must have answers for why you want to decline. 


What can be reasons for turning down the interview

  • When you researched the company you found it incompatible.
  • After applying, you got selected in the company better than that.
  • You know some persons who are not happily employed by the company
  • The company is running in debt or not sounding financially good. And it will provide job insecurity. 
  • The position you applied for needs fewer qualifications than you have.
  • You have undergone several rounds of interviews due to which you lost interest in the job.
  • You found the company is far located then your area. Or you have to shift to another city or state for the job
  • You check if the company's employers don't have a friendly face.


Now, we will check out the ways to turn down the interview politely. 


Firstly, whatever the reason, you should be sure it's a valid reason and not regret it in the future. You should take your proper time to finally decide to decline. It happens with everyone that they gauge in the starting as if they think the company is best suited or not. 

Be sure that the interview process and the job offer are not the same. You might find the interview process not right or employers not friendly, but you can be totally wrong when you get selected. You should be sure that anxiety, fear, or nervousness should not be the reason for declining the interview. Even when you are so uninterested in the post but consider that there can be any help you need from the company in the future. So, try to converse politely and continue the positive connection. When you are writing an email, it should be simple, polite, sincere, and concise. It will be unnecessary to provide any extra reasons and explain yourself for declining this offer. You should be very straightforward about your reason with a sincere attitude. Explaining or providing extra reasons can harm your reputation and it will be unnecessary to extend the conversation more. It can be worth taking your time deciding whether to decline or not. But when you finally decide, it’s your primary responsibility to let the hiring manager as soon as possible. You should respect time. And to create a positive impression, you can refer any suitable candidate for the job and who needs this job much. This can be very helpful for the company and you. 



Hence, in the light of above information, we conclude that for declining any job interview one should be polite and sure about his decisions. And have a conversation with the hiring manager very sincerely and not to explain or cite the unnecessary reasons to him.