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How To Turn Down Job Interview:

Underlying are the few situations that might lead you to turn down a job offer:


  • After researching the role you applied for you might not find it suitable for yourself. Researching through the responsibility might make you feel that you are not suitable for this role.
  • You might get a better job offer along with a position that is more suitable for you to work for.
  • Other circumstances like the company environment might seem to be not a fit for you. This reason is among one of the most important that you must think about like the environment under which you will work plays an important role.
  • A schedule change can be one of the many reasons that might make you unavailable for work. In that case, you need to turn down or decline the job offer.
  • A change in your address can also be counted as a valid reason to turn down a job offer.

Next, we will discuss what to keep in mind while writing a job turndown letter without ruining your future chances with the company.

    • Be clear about your decision: once you have sent a turning down letter for the job offer there is no turning back. So it's better to give a second thought about the job offer before turning it down so that you do not repent it later. A change in your region after sending a turndown letter will be of no use and might even make you an unreliable applicant that will be a nightmare for sure.


  • Respond quickly:  Responding quickly once you have made up your mind about turning down the job interview is a must thing. This decision of yours can be a golden chance for another fit applicant.
  • Be polite: It is very important to be generous with your words in the letter so that it doesn't seem to the company that you are unprofessional. A humble letter can even bring better chances for you regarding job offers. 




Subject: Interview Invitation - Your Name


Dear Name of the hiring manager :


Thank you very much for assessing me for the responsibility of Job Title and for inviting me for an interview for the above-stated role with (Company Name). However, I would like to evacuate my application for this position.


I sincerely comprehend your decision of taking the time to review my application.


Again, thank you for considering me as a suitable applicant.

Conclusion: How to overcome hardships will help you to evaluate your personality. Putting yourself in the position of the recruiter will help you make your decision.