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Subject email for job application

First, let's start with the basic introduction of what is a subject line?


An initial part of your mail is the subject line. It is the sole thing that will determine whether your email will be opened or it will be moved to the trash folder. This is the first line that the receiver will see when you send an email and in this case, it is the first line seen by your hiring manager while scanning through the emails.


Why is a subject line important?


It is based on the subject line whether your email will be opened or not. It acts as your introduction. It is the first step in making a good impression in front of your hiring manager so better be careful with this golden opportunity.

 The dos and don'ts of creating a subject line:


  • Ensure professionalism: This point is applicable for both subject line and email address. Don't use words like hey or hi as these are unprofessional words that will create a bad impression of you as an applicant. Another important thing to keep in mind is your email address that should contain your name and surname or simply your initials. Make sure not to create an email address like angel432@gmail.com this will reflect how neglecting attitude you have towards your work.


  • Mention the cause of your writing: Make sure that you are mentioning the cause or rather the post you are applying for to catch the attention of your hiring manager. This will make your email stand out from the rest and will also make it clear why you are writing the mail.


  • Stick to the Instructions: If any prior instructions have been given by the hiring company you need to certainly follow those instructions like how to write the subject line.


  • Be specific and short: A  long email subject will only make it worse and within no time your job application might end up in the spam folder. So be specific and short the more specific your subject line, the easier it will be for the hiring manager to categorize your email.


  •  Mention Referred by: do not forget to include the name of the person you are being referred by for the position if any as that one name can be the reason for your email being read.


  • Edit and proofread: Before sending your email you should be clear that it shouldn't contain any spelling or grammatical errors because that is your first impression after all. So before clicking on the send button make sure you read your email to avoid unwanted errors.


Given below are few examples of subject line:

“Application for Social media marketing Manager, Houston, Job ID 13, Jerremy Smith”