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when to follow up on a job application?

Hold on! 

Don't sound too desperate! 


I can understand your anxiety and frustration but your hiring manager needs some time to review your application properly and get back to you. And would you appreciate checking the same mails or attending the same phone calls every day? Definitely not! 


There is no straight answer to this question as to when to follow up. But before deciding, you can and should consider a few things. 



  • Read the terms carefully: Sometimes the hiring managers clearly state that they don't want the candidates to reach out to them for any follow up. You need to be very careful with such terms to avoid any embarrassing situation.




  • Go through the job advertisements properly: Sometimes the job ads contain the exact response date when the candidates would know the final decision of the hiring managers. This should be kept in mind before sending any follow ups. 




  • Timespan: If you are sending a follow up to your hiring manager then it is very important to consider the timespan. You should at least wait for a week to let your hiring manager review your application. There are a lot of things to be taken care of during the hiring process. Usually, the recruiters wait for 5-7 business days to send a follow up. There are two reasons for this. One, they don't want their companies to look desperate. Second, if they want to reject an unfit candidate they consider it rude to send the rejection letter immediately. 



Another important question that comes up is how to follow up on the job application. 

Go with the trend! 

With everything becoming digital, the modes of communication have also changed. Random phone calls have become a part of history. The best way is to send a polite and respectful email with your query and wait for the reply. 


I know getting a job is an exhausting process but let me tell you that hiring candidates is even more difficult. As much as you want the job, the companies want you if you are the perfect fit for the role. 


So do not worry, keep calm, and have trust in your capabilities!