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Screening Process

A. Hiring a worker online was and still is a luck of the draw. The worker may or may not be trustworthy, efficient, and skilled. At HireCream, we only offer you those experts that meet the benchmark of quality. We go through the profiles of thousands of applicants and select only the best. By hiring a professional from HireCream, you are assured of quality.
A. We have a dedicated page which explains the functioning of our website. The short version is that all the workers featured on our website have to pass different levels of screening which includes evaluation for skill and communication. We also let YOU evaluate the quality of our expert's work. Your payment remains safe with us and is released to the worker only when you give us the go ahead.
A. Sure. As part of our three-stage evaluation process, we use our in-house designed and trained Artificial Intelligence algorithms to evaluate the candidate. The A.I. determines the applicant's skill level, communication abilities, logical and analytical skill set, cognitive thinking, work aptitude and remote work fitness. The talent which clears the former two rounds is interviewed by our HR panel (which is made of humans, of course) and those who pass the final evaluation are featured on our platform.

Dashboard & Management

A. Yes! There are several features both in the dashboard of the worker and the client that aid in project management and communication.
A. Let's take an example - suppose you want a logo for your construction company. You will be able to create a task from the dashboard and specify the nitty-gritty details like the color should be red and there should be a construction hat etc. The talent can invite you over the whiteboard and you can discuss the design of your choice in real-time. Once there is some progress on the design, the talent will get to work on preparing the initial mockups. You would be able to track the progress with the help of our 'Progress Tracker' and message the talent for more information. Once the mockups are ready, the talent will send the designs (all files can be sent securely through our encryped servers). If you want anything to be improvised, you can get back to the drawing board - ehm, we meant the whiteboard. The project manager shall always be accessible through chat, email and phone.
A. Of course! You can use the whiteboard to collaborate with the talent on your project. Both you and the talent would be able to draw/write on the whiteboard and you would be able to see each-other's changes in real time. There are many use cases and our clients continue to baffle us on the innovative ways in which whiteboard is used. For the time being, let's consider the logo design example from our last question. The whiteboard can be used to finalize a logo design - and with options of customizable stroke width and color, you would be able to nail the logo design to the very stroke. Other functionalities like that of an eraser and line drawing tool are present.
A. Yes, we do. Please fill out your contact details here and our team will shortly get in touch with you.
Can I apply?

Application Process

A. Of course! With the number of our clients ever increasing, we are on the lookout for more talent. Before you apply, note that we do not compromise on quality. Our minimum requirements are strict and non-negotiable. If you think you have got what it takes to be featured here, get started by clicking here and our recruitment team will get in touch with you.
A. [Read this one till the end] Yeah, we charge $1M USD for every application. We're kidding, of course (did that tickle a rib!?). There are no application charges. But if you have applied in the past and your application was declined, your attempts might be limited. Wanna apply? Go here.
A. Do they have a working internet connection on the moon? If so, then yeah, you can. The working hours strictly depend on the client who hires you and the project you are assigned. On an average, you must be able to devote 3-5 hours daily. Additionally, since most of our clients are from the North American countries, you must be comfortable working as per their timezone.
A. We get a large number of clients on a weekly basis. As a result, most of our talent gets hired within a week. That said, we are increasing the number of elite talent we have to keep up with the growing number of clients.

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