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Instantly add one of HireCream's vetted developers to your team. There is absolutely no paperwork to deal with. These handpicked developers are among the Top 1% talent of the world. So, say goodbye to those recruitment drives. Hiring a top-quality developer is no longer a hassle.

Hire as quick as ordering a pizza

Where traditional hiring takes days to end, Internhood simplifies the process and makes it a lot quicker.

Traditional wayHireCream
Average time for candidate selection2 days48 hours
Candidate joins your team6 weeks< 72 hours
Work commences8 weeks< 72 hours

Hiring, powered by AI

We're among the first in the industry to make use of Artificial Intelligence to screen candidates. The AI automatically filters applicants based on tens of parameters - more than what a human is capable of - and the evaluation is unbiased, focussing on the candidate's skill and communication ability.

Developers for all your needs

Be it designing your website or developing a mobile application, we have developers who can perform a variety of tasks.

Tasks our developers can accomplish:

  • Designing static or dynamic based front-end of the website
  • Developing the server-side (or back-end) of a web application
  • Performing operations on a database including creation, updation and maintenance
  • Developing applications for Android and iOS mobile operating system platforms

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