• Stage I

  • The Application Process

    It all starts with candidates applying to be featured on our platform. We receive over a thousand applications every month.

  • Stage II

  • Candidate Evaluation

    Of all the applicants, the AI automatically filters the ones who are best fit for remote work and have the suitable skill set and experience.

  • Stage III

  • Skill Assessment

    Next, we examine the skill level of the candidate. The candidates are tested rigorously through project evaluation and live screening.

  • Stage IV

  • Communication Review

    All applicants are screened for their reading and writing ability of the English language. Those who clear this stage can communicate efficiently in the English language.

  • Stage V

  • HR Interview

    For the finale, the candidate has to go through an interview with an HR personnel who evaluates both the hard skills as well as the soft skills.

  • Stage VI

  • 1% Top Talent

    The talent which clears all the stages is featured on our platform. All the featured HireCream talent is screened periodically to ensure top-level performance is maintained.


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